Alex Lucio is an active, Florida based executive, who is a devoted husband and enthusiastic traveler.

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As the Chief Executive Officer of 3B Medical Inc., Alex Lucio often finds himself consumed in business affairs. From handing the regulatory oversight of the company, to performing competitive analysis, to serving as the company spokesman, Alex can often find himself overwhelmed with work. However, when presented with the opportunity, he enjoys traveling the world with his wife and children.

With an interest in travel at an early age, Alex has been fortunate enough to pursue that interest throughout his adult years. Though Alex is exceptionally devoted to his work at 3B Medical, Inc., he is equally passionate about the experiences that he shares with his wife and kids. Alex Lucio certainly appreciates broadening his ethnic horizons through his travels and relishes in the ability to submerge himself in the varying cultures around the world.

As a teenager, Alex Lucio often traveled with his parents. He vividly remembers watching the ships sail through the Miraflores Locks on the Panama Canal with his mother. Through those formative trips with his parents, Alex developed a deep appreciation for everything that traveling has to offer. Not only was Alex able to create and live these irreplaceable memories, but he was introduced to varying cultures at a young age that developed into a passion he still pursues today.

Alex Lucio has also grown to love the historical aspects of traveling. From learning about how ancient settlers made their mark in the French Pyrenees to hearing old wive’s tales about how haunted castles because so haunted, Alex truly cherishes the time he has in the various countries he visits. Today, Alex is fortunate enough to travel for both work and leisure, and thoroughly enjoys sharing that with his wife and children. Business and pleasure have taken him to a plethora of places including Quebec, Montreal, Athens, Frankfurt, Brussels, San Juan, Panama, Oslo, Turin, and Rome. Though he is a firm believer in the spontaneity of travel, Alex hopes to experience the Camino de Santiago, a pilgrimage from the French Pyrenees mountain range to Cabo Finisterre in Spain on foot.

Apart from his devotion to his work and travel, Alex Lucio is equally invested in his health. After an unforeseen health crisis at an early age, Alex opted to make his health a top priority. Today, Alex commits himself to working out and running two miles every day. He often reflects on that unfortunate circumstance, which encourages his drive and focuses in life.

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