Part of what I love most about travel is discovering every city’s ancient history because it’s fun and rewarding. I’m particularly drawn to old castles, as they are among my favorite tourist destinations. And because castles have such a long history, many of them are haunted! Here are a few of my favorite haunted castles from around the world.

Predjama Castle: Predjama, Slovenia

Predjama Castle is unique because it’s built within a cave on top of a 75-foot-high cliff. Not only that, but the cave and man-made castle walls blend so seamlessly together that it’s nearly impossible to tell the difference — it looks like the castle is literally a part of the cave! As the largest cave castle in the world (made official by Guinness World Records), the castle is rumored to be haunted by its former resident, knight Erazem Lueger.

According to legend, Lueger killed a field marshall during an argument, then fled to Predjama Castle to escape punishment. After a long siege, Lueger was killed by one of his servants and now his ghost wanders about the numerous hidden tunnels deep inside the cliff.

The castle has been featured on the Discovery Channel, was a filming location for a Jackie Chan movie, and has been visited by George R. R. Martin, the famous writer known for Game of Thrones.


Chillingham Castle: Northumberland, England

Chillingham Castle is certainly ~ chilling ~ due the fact that not only does the website boast a list of ghosts commonly seen around its grounds, but the castle is regarded as England’s most haunted. Originally home of Sir Humphry Wakefield and his family, the castle has a gruesome past with plenty of dungeons and torture chambers, and it was once raided and invaders burned women and children to death.

The castle is still run by the same family today, and have turned the castle into a travel destination that holds weddings and haunted hotel rooms. Guests who choose to spend a night at the castle often hear whimpering and talking late at night, and some see a pale white, frail figure every once in awhile.

Chillingham Castle has been home to several filming locations, such as the film “Elizabeth,” which starred Cate Blanchett and Geoffrey Rush. “The Making of Harry Potter” was also filmed at Chillingham.


Edinburgh Castle: Edinburgh, Scotland

Built on Castle rock, a volcano that’s been extinct for 2,000 years, Edinburgh Castle is surrounded by steep and treacherous cliffs. Deep into the cliffs are hidden chambers, which were often used for torture and held plague victims, who were eventually entombed inside the castle walls.

The castle earned its name for being haunted because visitors often report burning sensations, shadowy figures, and sudden drops in temperature. In 2001, the largest paranormal investigation ever recorded in history was completed at Edinburgh Castle.

Today, the castle is a major tourist attraction as is holds numerous weddings, field trips, and even concerts.