3B Medical Plans Manufacturing Expansion into Central Florida by Year's End

“Small businesses are much like underdogs. They embark on a journey in which they totally believe in their product. Because they have seemingly insurmountable odds against them, small businesses tend to look at problems and develop unique solutions that the big corporations ignore. Exactly how 3B Medical began in Winter Haven.”

A medical supply firm's expansion into manufacturing could create 30 jobs in Winter Haven — or Missouri.

A Winter Haven respiratory device distributor is considering adding a production center that will create up to 30 manufacturing jobs by early next year — if it can secure a state direct-to-patient sales license for home medical equipment.

3B Medical Energizes Sales Team

WINTER HAVEN, Fla. (September 18, 2017)—3B Medical, Inc. is pleased to announce the hiring of two industry veterans to lead 3B Medical’s sales and marketing team. Brett Townsend has been hired as 3B Medical’s vice president of sales and marketing. Jose Llana, M.D. has also joined 3B as its new national sales director.

3B Medical will fight lawsuit

SAN DIEGO – 3B Medical/BMC Medical, a manufacturer of sleep diagnostics and therapy devices, says it will fight a lawsuit filed by ResMed for alleged patent infringement, according to a press release.

3B Medical sets stage for product innovation, diversification

WINTER HAVEN, Fla. – You could call 2017 a rebuilding year for 3B Medical.

Until January of 2017, 3B Medical was embroiled in a patent lawsuit with a competing manufacturer of sleep therapy devices, ResMed. The lawsuit spanned 16 actions across three continents, says Alex Lucio, executive vice president at 3B Medical.

For New CPAP Cleaner, Ozone Is a No-Go Zone

The 3B Lumin at-home mask and water chamber cleaner opts for ultraviolet light instead of activated oxygen. 3B Medical’s Alex Lucio explains why.

3B Medical Acquires World's Smallest Oxygen Concentrator

Sleep therapy and oxygen equipment maker 3B Medical has acquired VBOX, a Minnesota research and development company that holds an array of intellectual property, including the design and regulatory approval for what it bills as the world’s smallest and lightest oxygen concentrator.

3B Medical Acquires VBOX

3B Medical has closed a deal for the exclusive global licensing and acquisition of VBOX, a Minnesota research and development company with a number of patents for innovation in the portable oxygen product space.