International flights are long, boring, and can cause some uneasiness depending on the person traveling. If you are big or tall or have get nervous when traveling over the water the negatives to an international flight are exasperated and it can be a real negative experience. Here are the top 5 ideas to help anyone survive an international flight

    1. Upgrade if possible

Especially if frequent flyer miles are a possibility, and upgrade on a long flight can be a lifesaver. There are automatic advantages like better food, more space, and more attentive service. The truth is, the comfort of First Class can make flying seem like a luxury rather than the only way to get from point A to point B.

    1. Bring your own entertainment

Most flights, especially longer ones, today offer some form of in seat entertainment. Usually the choices are decent, but technological advances have made it so easy for each person to bring exactly what interests them. Why not take advantage of it? While comfort is helpful, games and movies pass the time no matter the circumstance.

    1. Get to the airport early

The flight is going to be stressful, but it is easy to make sure the rest of the day is not. Airlines strongly suggest that passengers arrive at the airport at least two hours prior to an international flight. Getting there even earlier keeps the stress of rushing and worrying about missing a flight at bay.

    1. Hope for a good seat mate

This is the one thing that is completely out of anyone’s control but it can make or break a flight. Sitting in coach next to the former standout offensive linemen for six hours can make for a miserable flight even if the first three ideas were followed. All anyone can do is hope, but this aspect of a long flight is vital. Make sure to book early and do not choose a middle seat as this mitigates the risk.

    1. Comfort is key

Dress comfortably. Very few people have met their soul mate on an international flight and very few people care how their fellow passengers are dressed. Remember to be comfortable in the city of origin and prepared for the destination.